Childrens Tile Project 2008
All Fired Up went to elementary schools in Escondido, California and assisted over 3,000 kids with painting tiles to express their feelings about the 2006 wild fires. Many of the children expressed their thanks to the firefighters for their work. The tiles are displayed at the Escondido Public Library, Rincon School, as well as 4 Escondido Fire stations.
All Fired Up Mobile Ceramics
Ceramic Tile Fundraisers
A Tile Fundraiser is an ideal opportunity for any organization in the Greater San Diego, Imperial & Riverside Counties.
Nationwide Fundraisers are now available.
How They Work:

  • Print our Fundraiser Packet by clicking on the link below.
  • Order a tile fundraising kit from us. We will pack a kit for you containing everything needed for your fundraising project (tiles, paint, brushes, etc.). If you are local and order more than 100 tiles we can come to your location and assist you with your fundraiser!
  • We charge $8 - $9 per tile depending on size.  This price includes tile, paint kit, glaze and firing. Shipping on nationwide orders will be additional. Your organization  then sells the tiles for whatever you wish and your organization keeps the difference!  Tiles are usually sold for $20 - $50 each.
  • Plan a painting day or add tile painting to an event already planned. 
  • Return tiles to us for glaze and firing.
  • We deliver a finished product back to you for installation. Tiles may be installed on any wall surface, both interior and exterior, for a beautiful display of support! 
Please call (760) 522-2992 
and we will assist you in planning your fundraiser.